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Color Schemer 3.1

Color matching and quick preview application for web developers
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Colorschemer is a small, yet powerful color scheme pick and management utility. Two major features are its favorites library where you can store custom color choices and the quick preview pane, where you can drag and drop colors to see how they will look as part of a basic website layout.
The utility that I use the most is the “Make Websafe” button, which ensures that colors fall in the Websafe color spectrum. I also like the ability to choose whether you want to copy and paste the whole color name, omit the # in front or rather copy the RBG value of the color – this function makes copying and pasting between Colorschemer, html code and a graphics editor much easier.
Although Colorschemer v3 is a very versatile, compact little color scheme utility, upgrading to the much more powerful and versatile Colorschemer Studio is a much better choice. For only $15 more you are able to create a color scheme based on a photo or change the quick preview layout to best simulate your website or document, as well as a host of other powerful features.

Miranda Gerber
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  • Small compact color pick utility
  • Quick preview colors for web layouts
  • Save favorite color schemes as a library


  • Does not do much more than free color tools
  • Color Schemer Studio is a better investment
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